Depression, Supplements and Spirituality – What You Don’t Know May Hurt You

May 12, 2022 0 Comments

Recently, I read a couple of posts on depression and supplements and feel the need to alert people who are suffering from this condition about a side effect of supplementation that few, if any, are discussing. Usually, the author of the article on depression and supplements stresses the importance of proper neurochemical balance in the brain. If your brain is out of balance chemically, there is a good chance you will be depressed, or will experience anxiety or stress. Depression is often characterized by a deficiency of a certain chemical. Anxiety is characterized by too much of some other chemicals. But if you take this special brain supplement, it will help with your condition–so goes the idea.

However, it is extremely important to determine whether the cause of your being depressed is some inner chemical imbalance or whether it’s the presence of certain circumstances or challenges in your life. If it’s the circumstances (and I’m sure many people are experiencing difficulties, including intense situations involving their spirituality right now), how can a drug or a supplement help that? Does popping a “magic pill” help you? Proper nutrition is always a good thing, but you may want to think twice before you take special supplements or drugs for depression and I will explain why below.

Several years ago I went through a difficult time in my life but I was clear that the chemicals in my brain (or lack thereof) were not the cause buy Noocube of my feeling depressed–my life circumstances were. Chemical imbalance (if there were any) may have been associated with my depression, but it sure was not the cause of it. So how would taking medication help my condition?

I never took any drugs, and I’m glad. Even when I was not as conscious spiritually as I am now, I had a vague inner awareness that taking the drugs would thwart me (and perhaps even prevent me) from discovering the things I needed to discover that would actually help me! Because how can taking a supplement or a drug help you solve the root cause if you’re artificially up due to happy chemicals flowing in your brain and you are no longer interested in your original issue (like, say, a job you can’t stand)? Isn’t it better to search for the root cause and solve that problem?