Get the Right LCD TV For You

April 24, 2022 0 Comments

Is it time to upgrade your old TV to a flat-screen? In the search for a new television, begin with LCD TVs. From compact, fifteen-inch models to big screens measuring 100 inches or more, these slim, flat-screen TVs come in many different sizes. There is an LCD TV out there that will fit any space or budget. Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp, and Sony are the major brand names, but by no means are they the only brands that carry quality LCD TVs.

With the development of High Definition capability, LCD TVs have become very popular. The technology twists specialized crystals to create images, which are reflected by a light behind the screen panel. This prevents burnout and extends the life of the television. LCD stands for liquid crystal display, but never fear, there is no liquid at all inside these machines.

When buying a new TV, there are some important features to compare. This is a major talking point for the Plasma vs. LCD TV debate and is a good way to measure the quality of different brands and models. The contrast ratio is measured by comparing the blackest black to the whitest white. Plasma dominated this area for the first few years by having the deepest blacks, but recently, LCD TVs have bridged the gap with significant technology improvements. Anything over 10,000:1 can be considered an excellent contrast level. A good LCD TV will have a contrast level around 3000:1, but this will vary widely depending on the brand and model. With a very high contrast rate of 80,000:1, Philips’s 40″, 1080p LCD TV is an example of a fantastic contrast rate.

Response time is another aspect of an LCD that will make a difference in your LCD TV’s picture quality. Some indicators of poor response time are ghosting, streaking, or blurring, so an LCD Television with a great contrast ratio can be hampered by poor response time. Although the industry does not yet regulate the measure of response time, Sharp’s Aquos line of TVs has been accurately measured at 6 milliseconds. This is definitely something to consider when looking for the right TV for you.

Refresh rates are often displayed as 50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz, 400Hz, or 600Hz on boxes or labels. 200Hz is the most common response rate on more expensive TV sets and is a significant improvement upon the 50Hz speed. 600Hz is only available on the newest models and is best for sports or similar TCL Smart TV action packed programming.

Furthermore, LCD televisions have a high resolution with HD ready (720p) or full HD capacity (1080p). This makes them great for alternative video input. Especially for computer displays, LCD Televisions have a strong advantage over Plasma and display perfect images that might appear jagged on a Plasma screen. Watching your favourite team play a match in full-HD is an experience every sports fan should have!

Although Plasma TVs are right for some people, LCD TVs offer flexibility with their wide range of prices and sizes. Despite being only three inches thick, an LCD television is a good long-term investment and offers durability with an average life span of 60,000 viewing hours. Their sleek lines add style to any room.