Get Your Child to Bed on Time

May 3, 2022 0 Comments

Who else wants to know how to get their children to bed on time? OK, so here are a few tips from a mother of four. It should not have to be a battle every night. These tips should help you out:

Talk with your children in advance so that they know your expectations. Children don’t respond well to surprises so just avoid them. Give them plenty of warning about what is about to happen. A secret that I always used with my daughter when she was young not talking, but just saying to her “Becky, come with me now”. I would take her little hand in mine and walk her down to the bedroom. she would usually not even think about where we were going. Then in the bedroom I could settle her down and tuck her in as I said good night to her.

Some things work well for one kid but  abc kids not for the next. I always gave my kids plenty of reminders about the time as the evening went on. They got the fifteen minute reminder, the ten minute reminder and so on. I would even show my younger kids where the hands on the clock would have to be for them to go to bed. And of course they would get plenty of praise for being in bed on time without being reminded.

After dinner I would often discuss what needed to be done prior to going to bed, for example getting into pyjamas, brushing teeth or finishing chores. BY doing this I saved myself from having to nag my children later on during the evening. Lists can be really great if you use them properly.

For the strong willed child you might need to alter your plans just a little. With my daughter once I thought of something that I was going to have to buy her in the close future and said to her “when you get to bed on time each night I can give you one dollar for your piggy bank so that you can save up for ABC”. That is a bit sneaky but it worked like a dream with Becky. As a parent you will need to whatever it takes to get your child to bed on time at night.