Next Level Video Marketing Beyond YouTube For Savvy Business Owners And Entrepreneurs

April 26, 2022 0 Comments

YouTube has proven to be a phenomenal website with its undeniable ability to create seemingly instant celebrities. Entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners have flocked to it in hopes of capturing an audience and gaining new clients. But a handful of smart savvy business people have discovered a way to take their marketing efforts beyond YouTube.

Intro of Youtube Premium and Youtube Music|Music Tech Alliance | by Jeffrey  Wang/王俊元 | Music Tech Alliance | Medium

When creating video for your target audience, you want them focused on your brand and your message. Free websites like YouTube distract your audience with various advertisements from other companies including your competitors. There are links to related videos and logos every where. The point that I am making is you cannot truly brand yourself and your business on a free site that is filled with its own branding and ads.

Many marketers are starting to use premium services with completely brandable:

  • On-demand video web channels
  • Pay Per View Options
  • Web shows
  • Live video streaming broadcasts and/or conferencing
  • Email video messaging

This is a more attractive option because it youtube premium free allows you to pretty much have your very own YouTube with out their branding and with even more features. Instead of emailing links to your clients you can have your video in the actual email with your branding or you can stream live. Free services do not offer these options.

People are visual and you need to make sure that they are seeing and focusing on your brand. If you are using this type of media you need to be leveraging it to your advantage. Now is the time to literally take control of every aspect of what your audience sees and is exposed to when they are watching your videos.