Wireless Networking – Connecting a Wireless Gaming Console

April 16, 2022 0 Comments

With the popularity of gaming consoles increasing year after year, it is important to know how to connect your wireless consoles Internet adaptor to your wireless network. It may seem to be a daunting task but it really is quite simple of you have completed all the previous installation steps for an operational and secure wireless network in your home or office.

In order to reach the Internet and login to online gaming services, you have to connect and successfully login in to your wireless network. This means that you have to accomplish two things:

Request and Receive an Internet Protocol (IP) address

Gain access to bypass you router’s firewall

Your wireless access point needs to know that is should allow your gaming console device to connect to your wireless network. If you have set up network security using WPA2, WAP or at worst, WEP, you will have to have the pass key phrase to enter into your gaming console. Upon successful login to your access point with the proper credentials, it will assign an IP address for you console on the network.

If there is any problem with getting your console to connect to and receive an IP address from your network router, you will have to use the configuration utility provided with you router by connecting to it via a computer’s browser window. There you will be able to manual assign a static IPslot online address for your gaming console instead of requesting a new IP address every time you power up your console. This should facilitate any problems getting logged in. It will also allow you to tweak any other settings required to increase gaming performance through your network hardware.

The IP address you designate for you gaming console should be outside the collection of numbers set aside for computers but it must be within the subset of numbers. Let’s say you router has IP addresses through set aside for computers. You will want to assign a number higher than 16 with the same prefix.

Once you have your IP issue resolved, this should complete any steps you need to take to get online with your console. If you still have problems, you will want to check with the manufacturer of the gaming console to see if there are any other requirements and the maker of your network hardware to check for any requirements they have for online gaming. As these consoles continue to gain in popularity, manufacturers of network hardware are making their equipment more ‘gaming online’ friendly.